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Sustainable Solutions

for the Hospitality Industry



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Central Kitchen

1005 #01-36

Aljunied Ave 5


Flexible F&B Solutions

The second quarter of 2019 has indeed marked an onset of an unprecedented challenge for the F&B industry worldwide. The Covid-19 pandemic has since changed how F&B operations strive to stay in league.

While many F&B operators with high capex, complicated operations exited the F&B scene, we are seeing a trend for operators that are lean in set up yet their focus are on point in ensuring that food is prepared with a more stringent hygiene standard, comes in takeaway-able packaging, nutritionally more balanced with delivery service offered almost


A new F&B trend thus emerges under the “new normal” which serves as a ready solution to a new clientele looking for F&B offering that is simple, tasty and convenient.

Joy Luck 65 is one of these forward-looking vendors that strive to provide the flexible service with its offering of corporate meals/bentos and event packages that helps fill the gap for establishments that do not (wish to) operate any F&B in house. 

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